Buxton– Run with a loved One

Buxton– Run with a loved One

Training for and completing a Marathon is not just a physically demanding experience.

It is also an extremely emotional one.

Even the hardiest runners find it hard to face the winter weather and short days to put in the training miles to get into shape for the big day. When these difficult moments arrive, it is often the emotional support of someone close to you that provides the extra motivation to face the cold, wet and dark.

Recognizing this was a core insight for the creation of Buxton Water’s ‘Run with Loved One’ London Marathon activation.

We wanted to give the runners a chance to say thank you to the person or persons who had supported them throughout the experience, by allowing them to share in part of the race.

In a ‘first ever’, London Marathon allowed us to build a private lane adjacent to the Marathon course where a chosen runner would meet up with their ‘Loved One’. They’d run the length of the lane (80m) together, providing the runner with a much need emotional boost and giving their Loved One a taste of what is felt like to run the course

Fifteen runners were chosen via a Twitter competition and we invited their support group to join us in a hospitality area where they could stay enjoy some breakfast and keep tabs on their runner via a big screen.