Kaspersky – Helping Fight Cyber Bullying

We were appointed by Kaspersky, a global internet security company, in 2013 to develop a social purpose strategy that supported their mission that everyone should be free from cybersecurity fear. There was a clear opportunity given the size, scale and product offering that Kaspersky has, to develop a strategy that helped parents and children stay safe online and most importantly were aware of cyberbullying.

This resulted in our recommendation to create a joint initiative with European Schoolnet who works across Europe with parents, child and teachers at key stages of their development to ensure children are growing up as responsible digital citizens. To launch the partnership Kaspersky donated money from new product sales to support the InSafe Helplines, run by European Schoolnet, to increase the capacity of calls that can be taken by professionals across Europe helping children affected by online issues, including cyberbullying, online abuse and concerns about online reputation.

In 2015 the focus will now be on integrating future projects and enhancing product features to ensure that Kaspersky and European Schoolnet are bringing the knowledge and expertise from both their fields to help protect children online. We support Kaspersky with strategic recommendations, project manage the partnership with European Schoolnet and work on all partnership marketing material and campaigns.